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The Wiki Itself

  Welcome to the Keyboard Wiki @! Please see the For Contributors section below for he...

Plate With SwillKB Builder

Case and Plate Design

The quick and easy method.   WARNING: OUTDATED. For a better tool, please see this page. Tutor...

PCB Guide Part 1 - Preparations

PCB Design PCB Designer Guide

This guide is intended as a direct replacement for the aging Ruiqi Mao's guide.Credits go to that...

Using ai03 Plate Generator as a CLI tool

Case and Plate Design

The ai03 plate generator doesn't have to be web-hosted.  Requirements Python 3.7 or higher Th...

Plate with ai03 Plate Generator

Case and Plate Design

A quick and easy method that doesn't compromise. Tutorial Begin by making the layout in Keyboa...

Switch Dimensions and Physical Specifications

Case and Plate Design

Cherry MX For specifics, please see the full datasheet Simplified info (Graphics from datasheet...


Alps Info

Alps feel awful when not maintained. Here's some info to get them back into perfect shape. Disas...


The Wiki Itself

To request an account, send a direct message to ai03#2725 on Discord requesting an account on thi...

Kerf Settings for Various Services

Case and Plate Design

Ponoko Acrylic: Thickness Kerf in mm 3mm 0.2 4.5mm 0.25 6mm 0.26 8mm 0....

EMI Shielding and Reduction

PCB Design Advanced Info

Healthy PCB designing. Important to prevent a keyboard from malfunctioning from too much outside...

Switch Choice Flowchart

Switch Choice

Click image for full size view. Tactile Bump, or change in force Linear No bump, straight...

Good USB Routing Practices

PCB Design Advanced Info

A quick summary of Good Usb Practices Trace length Matching Intel suggests that USB trac...

USB Type-C

PCB Design Advanced Info

Make your keyboard future-proof and reversible Type-C USB Slightly wider than MicroUSB con...

Backlighting And RGB

PCB Design Advanced Info

Bling bling. QMK-Compatible LED backlighting This is one LED per switch. The structure is: ...

Routing Techniques

PCB Design Advanced Info

Tips for a proper, organized PCB Good Routing Techniques Do not route traces close to the ...

List of KiCad Keyboard Parts Libraries

PCB Design References

For all footprint needs. Library name Library description Author URL MX_Alps_Hybrid...

Matrices and Duplex Matrix

PCB Design Advanced Info

Improving upon their design. Maximizing the matrix For non-macropad keyboards, routing a m...

Microcontroller Design

PCB Design Advanced Info

For successful and elegant controller circuitry. Microcontroller Basics Controller such as ATME...


PCB Design Advanced Info

Produce functional PCBs the first time around. DRC Checks Begin here. Run a DRC. Does it ...

PCB Guide Part 2 - Beginning the project

PCB Design PCB Designer Guide

By this point, you should have a repository readied for the project. Step 3. Creating the KiCad ...