How a keyboard is built

To build a keyboard, you must know how one is built.


Overall Structure

Here's a generalization of how most keyboards are built:

  • Keycaps: What you press to type. The plastic bits at your fingertips.
  • Switches and stabilizers: The parts that toggle as you press them. Can have differing weight, sound, and feel. Stabilizers (not pictured) make sure that large keys get pressed evenly instead of wobbling all over.
  • Plate: What the switches snap into physically. Its material can affect sound and feel. Usually secured to the case.
  • PCB: The brains of your keyboard. Reads the switches and sends the signals to your computer.
  • Case: The box surrounding it all. 

Of course, very unique keyboards can add and omit some of these parts. But for a general overview, you can expect most keyboards to be comprised of these parts.