You may have opened mechmarket or some similar keyboard marketplace, and looked at the prices in surprise. 

The aftermarket for keyboards is defined by a few factors.


1. Limited run products

Most products sold through a group buy either are never sold again, or space out multiple runs over a long period of time. 
This makes these products very difficult to obtain if you missed the original buy.

These products tend to reach higher prices than what they retailed for originally. 
If you wish to purchase a product in such a situation, you have a few choices:

  • Bite the price and purchase aftermarket
  • Await another run of the product if it is likely to happen
  • Give up on the purchase altogether


2. Vintage products

Vintage can refer to the following things:

  • Vintage keyboards such as Cherry-branded boards from the 1980s and 90s. These hold value both as a collectors' item and as a source for vintage parts; thus their prices tend to skyrocket.
  • Vintage custom keyboards such as OTD brand from the late 2000s; these are sought after for their collectible value and prices tend to skyrocket.