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PCB Guide Part 7 - USB-C and LEDs

Notice: This page is incomplete and is currently being written. Let's spice up the project with ...

PCB Guide Part 1 - Preparations

This guide is intended as a direct replacement for the aging Ruiqi Mao's guide.Credits go to that...

PCB Guide Part 5 - Creating the PCB

Now that the schematic is finished and footprint data has been exported, we can begin with the PC...

PCB Guide Part 3 - Creating the MCU schematic

By this point, you should have installed the programs, created the repository, and added the loca...

PCB Guide Part 4 - The rest of the schematic

By this point, you should have the MCU schematic zone complete. Step 6. The rest of the schemati...

PCB Guide Part 2 - Beginning the project

By this point, you should have a repository readied for the project. Step 3. Creating the KiCad ...

QMK Basics

A short guide by PyroL. Free yourself from those prebaked, out-of-date and several-hundred-commit...

Backlighting And RGB

Bling bling. QMK-Compatible LED backlighting This is one LED per switch. The structure is: ...

PCB Quantity vs Price Comparisons

Using JLCPCB price quotes. All blanks; no PCBA cost factored in. First set of data without shipp...

Breakaway Tabs

Occasionally, you'll want to use breakaway tabs in your PCB to combine a few PCBs into a single p...

PCB Guide Part 6 - Fill zones, decoration and production

Now that the routing is finished, let's tune the PCB up. Step 11. Ground fills You may remember...

Switch Popularity Findings

The following document keeps track of the data.

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