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October 2019

First of all, thank you for the large number of responses. This page summarizes the fields which...


  Low-Profile The case wall doesn't reach as high as the keycap base.Thus, the switches are cle...

Switches: The enthusiast guide

What the big brands don't tell you. So, what are switches anyways? To put it simply, they're ju...

A list of the major keycap profiles

The Major Profiles That was a lot of info.  Fortunately, you mainly have to remember only a sel...

Keycaps and profiles

The big differences at your fingertips.   What are profiles? For this, I'll assume that you've...

Things to know before joining your first group buy

Before you hop into a group buy expecting it to be just like buying a random product from a webst...


You may have opened mechmarket or some similar keyboard marketplace, and looked at the prices in ...


So you've decided to jump into this black hole of a hobby, but don't know where to start. Nobody...

How a keyboard is built

To build a keyboard, you must know how one is built.   Overall Structure Here's a generalizati...

PCB Guide Part 7 - USB-C and LEDs

Notice: This page is incomplete and is currently being written. Let's spice up the project with ...

PCB Guide Part 1 - Preparations

This guide is intended as a direct replacement for the aging Ruiqi Mao's guide.Credits go to that...

PCB Guide Part 5 - Creating the PCB

Now that the schematic is finished and footprint data has been exported, we can begin with the PC...

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